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By Marlene Lang, The

PHOENIXVILLE, PA — The grandchildren of Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn are coming to the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville with a unique tribute show on Aug. 13.

The Country music families will be on stage at the historic Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville as Tre Twitty and Tayla Lynn make their performing debut together. Tre and Tayla are grandchildren of Country Music pioneers, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn. The two share a unique relationship and have taken to the road to honor their grandparents in an intimate evening of music and storytelling as only they can tell, a news release said.

Though Tayla Lynn and Tre Twitty are singing their grandparents’ songs, there is no second-best quality to the artists. Twitty and Lynn have developed an authentic show that builds off of their family histories without attempting to simply duplicate performances of the past, the show’s news release explained.

Bob Trate, Marketing Manager for the Colonial Theatre, said, “We are thrilled to bring country back music to the Colonial with Tayla Lynn and Tre Twitty, who will bring a cache of familiar tunes to our patrons.”

Twitty and Lynn’s high-energy and heartfelt show highlights not only the bond Conway and Loretta had as best friends and musical partners, but also the unique bond Tre and Tayla have formed through many years of both of these intertwined families.

Tickets are from $22.50 to $49.50. Tickets may be purchased here.