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By John Squires

Located in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania and built in 1903, the historic Colonial Theatre was famously featured in 1958’s The Blob, and has for the past several years played host to the annual “BlobFest,” an event that celebrates the film and the theatre’s legacy. The Colonial Theatre is still in operation to this very day, but that could sadly change without our help.

Like many small theaters across the country, The Colonial Theatre has been hit hard by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and they’re seeking assistance through Go Fund Me.

The theatre’s owners explain, “The Colonial Theatre (aka Home of The Blob) is facing an unusually challenging winter: one in which we’re nearly 100% dependent on donations for survival. This is why we’ve launched this (first ever) GoFundMe campaign.”

“While many other theaters across the nation were making agonizing choices in the springtime, an outpouring of donations (thank you!!), the Payroll Protection Program, and emergency grants made it possible for us to delay messages like these,” they add.

By December 31st of this year, the theatre needs to raise $150,000 to meet their financial obligations and stay alive, and they’re seeking $50,000 through their Go Fund Me campaign.

For now, the team explains, “Following the weekend ending on Sunday, November 8, the theatre will only be open Thursdays through Sundays for the foreseeable future.”