Travis Brower of PHL-17 visited the Colonial Theatre recently and spoke with Director of Giving, Marketing & Events, Emily Simmons. The interview aired on the Saturday, April 17 “Weekend Philler” segment.


The Colonial Theatre is a great old school theater with a modern sensibility that is a “must visit” in Phoenixville, PA. I grew up right down the road from Phoenixville and remember seeing Jean-Claude Van Damme’s “Street Fighter” there in 1994! Going back to produce this segment was so much fun to see the historic main room just as I remembered it almost 30 years ago. I also got to experience the wonderful additions and top notch accommodations that make the Colonial Theatre a super fun place to hang out and catch a show. The place has a “feel” to it when you walk in and you can just sense how cool and special it is. And yes, I did rub the piece of the Blob attached to the outside of the projector room for good luck.



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