Black Lives Matter, and…

As we try to process the compounding impacts of the unrest borne of the brutal killing of George Floyd and countless other Black Americans before him, and a pandemic that has taken over 105,000 lives, the Colonial Theatre stands in solidarity with those in mourning and frustration.  We stand with those who seek justice, healing and change.

And we recognize that we must be part of the change we seek to see in the world.  We must evolve.

Our mission at the Colonial is to nurture community by celebrating the power of film and the performing arts to entertain, inform and reveal meaning.  We must embrace our responsibility to all communities we serve to ensure that the stories conjured by the films and artists we present speak to their pluralistic and vital perspectives.

To that end, we will re-examine our programs, partnerships and practices.  We can, and will, do a better job of offering arts experiences by and for people who are underrepresented.  We will revisit how we can better share our resources in support of organizations and movements that advance social justice and healing. Recognizing that change must start within, we will take a clear-eyed look at our internal practices and ask ourselves how we can be more inclusive to staff and visitors.

Because we believe that shared experiences of the arts transform us and the way we see each other, we are committed to harnessing their power to make this a better world. The work begins now. We look forward to partnering with you in these efforts and invite your ideas and feedback.