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35MM Screening

Proof of vaccination is no longer required. Masking remains encouraged but optional.

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The Italian Horror Film Festival returns to the Colonial Theatre for an all-nighter featuring five favorites plucked from Splatterfest’s past!

The 2022 selection is filled with incredibly strange, gory Italian horror cinema. Delight in the macabre madness.

Please note: Ticketholders who pre-ordeed a boxed meal from Dixie Picnic can pick up their orders from Concessions during the 20-minute break between The Beyond and Demons. Please note: the cutoff for food reservations was Monday, Aug 15.

Children under 17 must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian. Tickets are non-refundable. Ticket prices include the Processing Fee. This fee will be added at check out. Tickets are available with cash, check, or credit card at the Colonial Theatre Box Office, or online. No member or guest passes are accepted for this event.

Running Order

Films below are listed in the evening’s running order but timing is subject to change:

7:00 PM – 8:25 PM        The Beyond  (35mm)

20 min break – Pick Up Food Orders at Concessions

8:45 PM – 10:10 PM      Demons (35mm)

20 min break

10:30 PM – 12:15 AM      What Have You Done to Solange? (DCP)

15 min break

12:30 AM – 2:00 AM        Blood & Black Lace (DCP)

10 min break

2:10 AM – 4:15 AM      Deep Red (DCP)



The Beyond (1981)

Lucio Fulci. Italy. 1hr 27 min. 35mm
Film courtesy of Grindhouse Releasing (David Szulkin).

 A young woman inherits an old hotel only to find that all manner of creatures lurk in the darkness – and it sits atop a Hellgate.


Demons (1985)

Lamberto Bava. Italy. 1hr 28 min. 35mm
Film courtesy of Synapse Films.

In Demons, a masked man offers tickets to a horror movie sneak preview at the mysterious Metropol cinema. When a patron is scratched by a prop displayed in the theatre lobby, she transforms into a flesh-ripping demon! One by one, the audience members mutate into horrible creatures hell-bent on destroying the world! Can anyone escape this gory orgy of terror?

What Have You Done to Solange? (1972) 

Massimo Dallamano. Italy. 1hr 47 min. DCP
Restoration courtesy of Arrow Films and the American Genre Film Archive.

Backed by Ennio Morricone’s abundantly creepy score, this giallo whodunit finds Fabio Testi (Revolver, Garden of the Finzi-Continis) as a college prof with a taste for his female students who’s blamed for a string of murders. Top-shelf arthouse filmmaking, endless jazzy twists. And, director Massimo Dallamano was cinematographer on Leone’s A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More! A sexually sadistic killer is preying on the girls of St. Mary’s school. Student Elizabeth witnessed one of the murders, but her hazy recollections of a knife-wielding figure in black do nothing to further the police’s investigations. Why is the killer choosing these young women? And what does it have to do with a girl named Solange?


Blood & Black Lace (1964) 

Mario Bava, Italy. 1hr 26 min. DCP
Restoration courtesy of Arrow Films and the American Genre Film Archive.
Before Dario Argento’s Deep Red, there was Mario Bava’s Blood and Black Lace. At the Cristiana Haute Couture fashion house, models and their boyfriends excel at the art of backstabbing, blackmail, and snorting cocaine. That is, until a faceless maniac embarks on a mission of death! After the one-two punch of Black Sunday and Black Sabbath, Mario Bava unleashed Blood and Black Lace — the movie that perfected the ultra-violent sub-genre that would come to be known as “giallo.” With a mood that mashes together the elegance of a quiet rain on a summer night with the luridness of a trashy paperback, it’s no wonder why Martin Scorsese once referred to this movie as “an incredible moment for cinema.”


Deep Red (1985) 

Lamberto Bava. Italy. 2hr 6 min. DCP
Restoration courtesy of Arrow Films and the American Genre Film Archive.

Anticipating the eerie magic of Suspiria, Deep Red finds Dario Argento and creative partner Daria Nicolodi presenting a simple, Christmas-set slasher. At least, that’s what it appears to be. But within two minutes, it’s obvious that there’s nothing “simple” about Deep Red at all. With this movie, Argento perfected the classy, ultra-violent sub-genre that would come to be known as giallo—and also perfected playing audiences like a fiddle. This includes Goblin’s soundtrack, which is a spook-a-delic prog-rock masterpiece that beautifully complements the movie’s dreamy mood.


There are two types of admission for this event: Film Tickets (without food add-on) and Food + Film.  After you purchase your ticket online, be sure to specify your sandwich type (choose from one of 10 options) using this online form.

Film Ticket

Adult: $25 with $5 fee

Member: $25

Food + Film Ticket 

Adult: $40 ($15 food, $25 admission, $5 fee)

Member: $35 ($15 food, $25 admission)



Additional Information

The Official Event Merchandise: 

Our Splatterfest X t-shirt design marks our first collaboration with Sons of Thunder Studios. A limited number of T-shirts will be available at the event. Stay tuned for additional details on unique merch for the event.

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